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Ive read the first few chapters and to me its REALLY boring.

All the fanservice by the ex h-artist feels like a cheap method to get people to read the manga.

There was next to no plot, just ZOMG ZOMBIES! then you can get the cast of characters running here and there killing zombies as they escape, and the obligatory asshole character that you KNOW will end up dying horribly later on. Then a couple of scenes of humanity acting really really retarded.

It was like page after page of just zombie killing or fanservice that just felt like it didnt fit.....add in page after page of running around...

It felt like the author was trying to think of a theme for his manga that would sell, and then went "wait...ZOMBIES! thats always popular!" and then he started thinking of what ELSE was popular and went "FANSERVICE! thats it! a zombie manga with FANSERVICE!!!".

Action scenes were meh. Walking target boards getting gunned down or stabbed or hacked to pieces = yawnz. Theres no danger to the main characters at all. Theres no "will they make it out alive?!?!?" suspense, because you know with 100% certaintity that they cant possibly get killed.
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