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go do yourself a favor, buy a router, i am almost posidive that you dont want me to go into a great deal on networking in windows so. Assuming you have a roughter hook ur to comps up with the rj45 cable to the roughter in the lan ports. There should be a wan port on ur router as well that is the wide area network, hook ur home cable/ dsl modem to the wan port with 1 rj 45 cable. Now in xp go to control panal > system > computer name > change. Then make your workgroup name the same. make shure ur on a workgroup not a domain. That is all the information i can give you because it depends now on if the game you want to play supports lan play... if not ur sol if so have soleone be the host and the other join.

well thats all the help im willing to give.
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