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Originally Posted by Miko Miko View Post
Do you guys ever wonder if what it'd be like not to feel anything, no emotion.. i think it'd help me I spend most of my time being upset..
It wasn't until I was well past 30 that I finally became comfortable in my own skin.

Maybe it's a consequence of modern life, or perhaps a result of the nearly three years I lost to national service: the bulk of my 20s felt like an extended adolescence. The fact that I started working full-time at 25, after graduating from college, probably had something to do with that as well.

My point? It takes time to "grow up", and the exact process works differently for every individual. But I promise you'd get there one day.

How would you know when you've arrived? When you notice that you aren't taking yourself too seriously any more, and can afford to laugh at your own mistakes without being crushed by them.
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