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Originally Posted by Miko Miko View Post

Do you guys ever wonder if what it'd be like not to feel anything, no emotion.. i think it'd help me I spend most of my time being upset..
I think not feeling anything at all would really suck. It's true that sometimes we can feel really upset, or sad, or hurt by something, but feeling emotions is part of what helps us grow and mature. If we didn't feel anything, we'd never develop.

Do you think emotions are expressed more in teenage years than in other age groups.. Me and my friend were discussing it today i'd like to know what you think.

Based off my own personal experience I can't say that my range of emotions changed all that much during my teenage years... what changed were the situations I was exposed to and how I ultimately reacted to those situations, which made my emotions either more intense or less intense. So it's not so much that I expressed a lot of emotion so much as I was exposed to different situations that caused my emotions to react a certain way.
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