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Arthur was in London as the Saxons invaded it again. Cai did not have a sword, so he sent Arthur to fetch his. He saw Caliburn, and drew it, and ran back to Cai. He finds Cai with a mace, standing over a dead guy (Cai received a wound to his leg which made him forever walk with a limp at that point) and Ector, recognizing the sword, instantly kneeled before his king.

The Saxons were repelled, and Merlin told Arthur to seek the aid of King Leodgrance, who was one of the few "Rival Kings" that was determined to keep the Pendragon throne for Arthur. Oddly enough, Leodgrance was under siege, yet was saved by Arthur and his handful of knights. Leodgrance gave Arthur his allegiance, both of his sons as noble knights (Bedivere and Lucas, who were ironically the last two knights Arthur had) and his daughter, Guinevere. Oh, and let us not forget the most important gift, the round table.
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