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Media Player classic, Extreamly Painfull when used to watch from a DVD.Help please

I am not sure if this issue has been brought up or not but i couldnt find anything in the forums. Ok here is where my problem starts. when i try watching an anime with MPC, i have no problem when its on my Hard drive. but when i put it in a DVD and then try to use the MPC to watch it , its extreamly painfull. Its ok if i just watch it, but whenever i want to move the time thing ( for instance from the some minute to another minute of the show) it takes like about 20 sec to load. Or when i want to read back a subtitle and try to go back, i have the same problem. Its really anoying. I dont have that problem when the file is in the Hard drive though
Also the DVD or the files arent corrupted, because VLC plays the same DVD fine, when MPC doesnt. I could try to use VLC but i have a problem with VLC too. When i pause in VLC, the problem is subtitles disapear after 2 sec. MPC and any other players i know dont do that and when i pause the subtitles stay.

These were my problems , I would appreciate if any one could help with any of these problems.

1) First, is there a way for MPC stop being so laggy and painfull when trying to watch from a DVD?. ( is there any thing i can do in the filter section or any where else?)

2) or doesn any one know how to make VLC, so that Subtitles dont disapear after i pause. I pause and only subtitles stay for 2 sec or so and disapear. can i make VLC to not do that?.

Thanks alot in advance from any ones help.
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