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Mega plot twist for the last chapter of Volume 9...


Originally Posted by cubicjack View Post
No. That would be one heck of a mess.
Fuse=Kazakiri's Angel Wings versus Accelerator's Black Wings

Originally Posted by cubicjack View Post
Spoiler for SS2:
And to answer my early-earlier question, I think we have a canidate for a Magic-background protagonist.

Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Looks like the N.L. is going with Touma to "that" place. Indeed, she is pretty cute altought she got punched away by Touma XD.
Lessa? I thought it was going to be Floris

What happen to the other girls anyway?

Originally Posted by cubicjack View Post
Spoiler for ss1, vol 12 and 13:
Wow, I didn't think her story would be so serious, I guess an open declaration of War would have made sense, I almost didn't think that Aleister would have done it, and would actually try to cover everything up. I'm guessing after three attempts on his City, and the 'success' of Fuse=Kazakiri, there's no need for him to hide anymore.

So how did Touma talked her out of it?

Originally Posted by shmaster View Post
Actually, "demon god" is not a good way to put it. The novel has provided its explanation, instead of meaning the god of demon, it means the person who has overly master the magic and enter the realm of god.

As for HliūskjŠlf, it is his power to change life energy and normal magical power into an unexplianble type of power. The power by its nature cannot be describe, can not be epxlained, and can not be comprehend.
Also, the actual HliūskjŠlf (which is the thorne of Odin) does not have any offensive function, by focefully using HliūskjŠlf in offence makes his power even more unepxlainable.
He uses HliūskjŠlf due to the abilityof a god of magic is too special and can not be used with normal magical powers. In othwer word, he needs the unexplaiable energy produced by HliūskjŠlf to actually perform his ability as a god of magic.
Well, I don't know if this would be connected somehow, but the Throne of Odin, Hlidskjalf, is said to allow him to 'see into all worlds'.

And this story seems to use alot of 'unexplainable' stuff... =_=

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