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what level of Japanese would you say would be needed to read to aru majutsu no index novels, is the language used difficult

i am in the process of learning Japanese and can understand kids manga pretty well
next year when i get out of high school i hope to take the JLPT 2 and study in japan

(the JLPT is a Japanese language test taken by non Japanese speakers to certify there fluency in the language, JLPT1 means your very fluent, JLPT2 means your good enough kinda?)
I have not taken level 2 yet, but I assume that if you can do level 2, you'll definitely have no problems reading light novels. I mean, I took level 3 a year after I took level 4, and passed (although just barely) without much preparation. I can't understand every single word in the novels, but with the help of dictionaries and some guessing by context, I had no problems reading and understanding them.
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