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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Maybe his magic and the magic of N.L's girls have some connections...
Aurrelus with Hlidskjalf and N.L. with Miojnir.
Who knows? The Kanzaki SS will be set in Western Europe, and will contain events related to Norse myth. And I think Kanzaki knows the woman who Aurrelus is currently living with. So maybe, just maybe, we'll learn more about Aurrelus and the N.L. girls in the Kanzaki SS.

Originally Posted by index87 View Post
thanks ill definitely order a couple of volumes then
my only question now is witch vol do i start with i have already seen the anime , so is it worthwhile to read any of vol 1-6 that covered the anime or should i just start with vol 7 or 8
IMO, you should definitely read vol 3 (Accelerator arc), vol 4 (Angel Fall). There's also a short arc in vol. 5 that the anime skipped, but it's not really that important. For the others, I personally think it's OK to skip since you have watched the anime.

Just my opinion, though. But if you have time, it wouldn't hurt to read all of them from the beginning.
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