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Damn!!! New Dragonball Sequel

Spoiler for DB sequel:

Needs translation!
Also SS God Red Haired Goku FAKE?! Then what is the real SS God?
Do you have a scan of the whole page? I could only translate the ones in the second row since the first row and above row doesn't include all the words/sentences. Anyway, I just translated the ones which was readable.


After all, we are doing this as merchandise, so not being able to sell it isn’t good. I have been saying merchandises, but it’s not like I don’t have love towards manga. But the manga writers, editors, and the publishing companies are all saying that if they require the same amount of work, then making a manga which is interesting and which can sell much as possible would obviously make everyone happy and it will also be good for the whole manga industry. I really can’t agree with those comments like “That manga is a good manga despite not selling well”. So I think selling well would make it a good manga(lol). I also have been said I am negative for saying “There isn’t any meaning for it being a good manga or shit if it can’t sell well”.
And I hate those series which often has a continuation, a renewal, and a second generation to it. They just seem like if it was compacted into a smaller thing and is being replayed, so the story get bigger. So I think it’s something we absolutely can’t do in a Weekly Jump. No matter how difficult it is, we should sent out new series done by newcomers. There was also a talk 2 to 3 years ago, about asking Toriyama Akira-san about asking him to do “DRAGON BALL”—
I dont actually see the part where they want to make a sequel. Only the part where the person being interviewed hates the idea of continuation of manga that was popular, and rather prefer a new manga writer to start a new series.
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