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Originally Posted by falcolobo View Post
Can someone give me a basic IS list with all of the weapons for the known IS? You don't have to but I just want to see.....

Also, was Yamada Maya the canidate for Japan back in her younger days?

Page 15 of the threat has a basic list of the weapons available.

Yet, if you want a short summary of it:
4th Generation IS use zelda-type katanas. Great Katanas and dual wield katanas that are able to throw beams.

3rd Generation use plasma/energy long/middle range cannons with bits/swords or guns for short range.

Charlotte`s Revive Custom is designed to be a cookie cutter, so basically it can equip any weapon available. XD

Originally Posted by cyberdemon View Post
after Ichika was found to be able to pilot an IS the world governments are very likely to go into extensive searches for more like him. Since none had come up it means that it is pretty much just ichika.

Most likely it is that tabane tweeked the IS to allow Ichika only to pilot as a means to make things up to her sister. Or that it's creation likely with Chifuyu in mind (which was why girls were only able to pilot IS) extended instead onto Ichika since he is blood related to her. Ichika is very likely the first and only male in the world who will ever be able to pilot an IS unless Tabane decides to try and change it.

that aside i have a question. Does Houki have a personal IS? She is ranked C as a pilot but she is also the sister of Tabane which likely gives her special rights. Yet in the anime it was mentioned that he borrowed a prototype mass production IS.
Yeah, they might have tried, but I am not sure they tried with the same core. XD In fact, I am sure that Tabane actually got the core asap and started to analyze what was going on.

About the IS and the core, I think it was confirmed that Tabane did tweak it so that Ichika could go to the Academy and make up for her sister. Yet it was suppose to be a ruse and the IS was suppose to be controlled by remote control. I am pretty sure that Tabane knows how to make 4th Gen IS, but she still doesn´t understand completely why only females can pilot them and she has no clue about why Ichika can. BTW I don`t think it is a blood relation that allows Ichika to pilot the IS IMHO, or maybe I am wrong!!! XD

About Houki, she is a terrible pilot (maybe the anger against her sister is the problem). But she is still the baby sister of Tabane!!! Her IS, the Crimson/Red Wing, was made as a "complement" of Byakku Shiki (it has long range sword beam, is able to recharge BS after using shield break, etc) with the same 4th Generation technology. I think it was mentioned that she gets it at the end of the 3rd Volume (episode 7/8?).
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