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btw is there any information in the LN about the unregistered core? did tabane make it or did the phantom task unlock the secret? If it was PT then it would seem wierd for it to crash a battle by a bunch of newbie students and then easedrop on them when they weren't attacking. i get the feeling it was probably tabane listening in on her precious sister's rival. She was trying to make a remote controlled IS so ichika couldgo to the academy and that was the result despite the fact that Ichika got in because he could actually pilot one. It does sound like something a mad scientist with a few screws loose would do. lol
Well, remember that Phantom Task is a terrorist organization trying to conquer the world in the name of The Yuri/lesbianism.

Suddenly this Ichika appears.....a boy that pilots the most advance/newer IS (media published that he was piloting a 3.5 generation IS), and that he can/may/will fix back the balance of power between man and woman (aka men owns, women to the kitchen!!)....

So what is PT oficial stand:
Ok....this boy.....we donīt know anything about him besides what the media says.....lets launch a drone to test him. If he is bad, it will kill him and case solved. If he some how survives, we need some intel to know if:
A) His IS is that awesome, so we need to steal it
B) he is that well trained (tactical/field strategy), so we need to send someone good to kill him
C) All of the above.
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