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i need to recap moar weapons added.... since im looking back at several posts

CQB (not teh names of thar blades plz)

katana-like sword (houki)
katana-longsword-like hybrid that its hilt is like a saber's (ichika)
twin dao that can join together to become a polearm (rinn)
lance (tatenashi) *needs confirmation since i can see from her in teh LN is a lance*
gauntlet (ichika) *someone said that his IS will be equipped with a power fist variant*

RANGE (still needs moar info)

rocket pack (cecilia)
energy sniper rifle (cecilia)
mid-range laser (houki) *still needs confirmation*
dragoon\gun platform system (cecilia)
high power all purpose rifle (charlotte)
laser cannon (somewhere buried in all the posts it was said belonged to laura)
energy lance (tatenashi) *i think that the lance will fire a charged beam*
twin shoulder lasers (rin)

and lets get something right... in terms of combat ability (thats only known)

-IS power armor has the 'berserker' type configuration in where shield power is diverted to weapon to enhance damage by 200% at the cost of having the user with less shield power or totally defenseless
-power fist\gauntlet add-on will probably ignore shields and inflict much damage on the armor itself
-has the 'field recharge' ability that converts any form of beam\laser attacks into his own energy, making the power armor in the said mode to be nearly untouchable against ranged beam weapons

-long range combat unit effective for sniping and engaging at medium range
-has absolutely NO close combat weaponry
-dragoon platform system is able to distract opponent for user to nail the enemy
-most arsenals are laser based, only rocket packs are exception

-versatile combat unit thats a challenge in close range and near medium range
-twin shoulder mounted lasers inflict huge damage to enemies

-still dun know about IS power armor stats in combat

-versatile power armor that can be fitted to suit its combat environ
-still dun fully know about its stats in combat

-still dun know about its stats in combat

well lulz mode is ovar...
lets roll

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