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I didn't like Minmay, she became out of touch with reality and self absorbed with her own quite trivial in comparison problems. She also messed with hikaru's feelings a lot, particularly at the beginning when they escape from that cargo hold.

On the other hand I'm beginning to understand Sheryl a bit more, her bitchy comments in episode 1 are a bit more justified as she wanted to put on a great show and didn't want it messed up by amateurs (hence her displeasement with the fliers). Though her beings resentful of there being fans backstage is more difficult to justify, though could be that she wanted to run a streamlined operation and didn't want to have to deal with the distraction.

Anyway she doesn't seem to be afraid to yield the spotlight to Ranka, unlike the first established idol singer we saw in SDF Macross.

It will be nice to find out more about her motivations, so far she's the character we actually know least about. Unlike Alto and Ranka she doesn't really wear her heart on her sleeve so to speak, so it's hard to know what the motivation behind it all is, and of course how real her "public persona" is too.
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