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If anything I think Ranka is a bit too young to get into a romantic relationship with our main character guy. =/
It is pretty much a Macross tradition to have the main guy settle with an independent, self-conscious and at times arrogant female lead.

None of the Macross female leads ever had to force herself to become dependent of the main male lead. The female and male leads were always two independent, self-conscious entities who chose to be together, not because of some cliche necessity, but by choice alone. I have yet to see an exception.

Take for example Misa, who told Hikaru pretty much point blank that he had to choose between her or Minmei, not both. You don't see this kind of straight talking anime female leads very often.

It is very very possible for Alto to be paired with Sheryl. Unless Shoji Kawamori want to surprise us. Fortunately, he is not as unpredictable as Yoshiyuki Tomino.

- Tak
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