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Originally Posted by Manji Midou View Post
that would be awesome...
end of episode 22...
layfon: felis l think l might have...
felis: *blushing* have what layfon...?
*enter ed song*
opening of episode 23
layfon: feelings for...
*enters lilin*
layfon: ah lilin!!!
layfon:......ah will you excuse me felis... my lilin is here, how about you go stand in that corner over there or something.

Results: Epic Facepalming of the World + Instant demotion of Fon-fon's "awesome" to "utterly retarded" + Felli goes yandere + FelliXFonfon shippers and Felli fans all over the world go berserk and puts up a multi-billion dollar bounty on his head.

By the way, since I depend on subs entirely, that means I haven't watched it yet. I'm here for spoilers (I seek spoilers, you see, for my own satisfaction and knowledge ;D)

Anyway, Regios is going to have 24-ish episodes? Really? I thought it's going to be only 12-ish after what I read in ANN on its article.
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