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did everyone see Fon Fon kill of the whole army of larva.... or only Nina and rest of squad 17. Im just curios cause now it seem people going to have to rely on Fon Fon all the time for Filth monster attacks now since they can seem to defend themselves.
I believe Harley was talking to him about this -- about whether it was fine that people didn't know about his heroics. Seems only Nina and 17 know about it, the other students thought it was their combined efforts that'd beaten the bugs back. Least, that's what I gathered while I was watching/screenshotting.

I thought this was a more relaxed episode, which is good since I'm not too good with watching action. XD There were also so many cute expressions in this ep! Czerny (sp?), Mei-Shen...Felli's foot gearing up to kick Layfon in those delectable boots, and Layfon holding the knife up -- priceless as well. XD
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