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Nah Layfon defeated every enemy in the inner platoon match XD he wasted them and everyone is suprrised.... Nina feels that Layfon doesnt need any help and can fight alone way better than she is.... she was just standing and looking while Layfon alone defeated everyone (and he was hurt from previous fight with bugs... )

But man Nina is such indecisive like hell..... first she says to him that she will rely on his power.... and now that Layfon is wasteing every oponent she is angry and jelous over that point...... she should see it clear that she will never reach Layfons level....layfon was killing bugs at yung age 8 or 10 while she was running around after feiry's....

Even the score board shows the power difference (and Layfon is 1year younger than her) we could say Layfon is 20times stronger than Nina ^^ and he was not even useing his yellow kei or kei release tech's but running and cutting every robot without single fail and in instant kill ^^

Cant wait for next episode ^^ it looks really exiting and I dont know but I have a strange feeling that this "baby monster" will mature before Layfon's eyes (since in ep6 there was too many "mature" word and that is kinda bad omen)

So Layfon might end up fighting a new born mature form of that monster at that time... and heh Feli has funny hair in the preview... from looking at official page it might be coused by Layfon trying the new sword... some kind of wind blow I just goesing... other option is that she coulnt sleep and that is her bed-hair XD (well she could think all the night over the fact that her brother want to send layfon alone to fight that monster)

But it's kinda sad that Layfon saved the whole city from the bugs and people think its their work..... the bugs killed themself after seeing that the so called soldiers were running away from them with pants full of shit.... >_> well maybe its not so bad becouse they wont rely on Layfon that much like in the Grendan and so if he failed their exeptions he would end up in similar way again.... but anyway they are ungreatfull ^^

And I wonder about that case that bugs started to apear more and more close to zueli.... its similar to Grendan like Layfon mentioned that the city moved where the bugs could appear... maybe they feel Layfon presence and appear where Layfon is XD (since earlier he was in Grendan the bugs appeared there... and now he is in Zueli and bugs started to appear there XD )..........other option is that someone controls the bugs and uses them to destroy weak they have only 1mine and 1lost battle means death of the city so the bugs waste the city before hand ^^
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