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I chopped off part of my post from somewhere else, but I feel I need to post it here because I feel that the portrayal of Mei's character is a natural progression.

After part of the conversation between Asami and Kenji went by, the show flashed back to Mei, saying something along the lines of ďWho am I to be saying such a thing?Ē and I interpreted that as her believing that it was out of place for her to tell Kenji to express his true feelings for Asami when she is afraid to express her feelings towards Yamato herself. With Yamato being the first person that she made a meaningful interaction with in years and with him being the first significant male in her life since her father passed away, I think she wants to have a meaningful relationship with him. As the episode progressed, Mei found out that Asami had also kissed Yamato, and was told by Asami that Yamato has missed most of the cute girls in the school and that although she liked him, he probably doesnít feel the same way since he gives kisses away too easily to girls that he doesnít have feelings for. Mei became increasingly frustrated, and thought that perhaps she was just an outlet for Yamato to express his desires for Arai, and her trust issues began showing, with her glancing at Arai as well as staring at the corner of a hallway when the two of them were conversing. I believe that Mei wants to feel that what they had was special, but she was becoming increasingly doubtful of this.

She went so far as to stalk Yamato and was relieved to see that he wasnít leaving the building with Arai. She may have heard that he kisses a lot of girls, but she has not seen this yet, and looked like she was out to see if Yamato would betray her (at least in my opinion). Even after seeing that he didnít come out with Arai, Meiís body language was not very positive and she was even attempting to leave as the thought that kisses donít have high value to him probably lingered in her mind. As she stated earlier in the episode, Mei didnít understand Yamato, but wanted to try and trust him. But, she clearly still has trust issues that were ignited after hearing more about Yamato from Asami. She is sexually attracted to him, which I believe was the point of the scenes emphasizing his lips earlier in the episode, but feared putting herself in harmís way, which is why she still wished to avoid Yamato after checking up on him. In my opinion, she wants his affections but fears rejection/being just another girl to him. I am not going to defend Yamato for his actions, as they appeared very manipulating and there have probably been others girls who have had qualms about his ability to throw out kisses like that, but I do believe that Mei absolutely wanted to be swept away by him. He seemed so satisfied that Mei told him about how she felt, and I think that was what he intended to happen. At least Yamato had the decency to not kiss Arai, which at least shows that he doesnít just kiss any girl that he considers attractive.

I am making no comment about whether Yamato is the right person to nurture Mei's well-being, but Yamato is the one that drew her out of isolation, and that is part of the reason for why she desires his affection.
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