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Yes, there is a lot of shoujo tropes present in this show. I don't mind though, as I am satisfied with the execution of this show so far.

Is Yamato being inconsistent? No. He was already showing that he is the alpha-male type with his method of intimidating the stalker in episode 1, and some of this continued in episode 2. I don't find Mei's characterization in episode 2 questionable, and even expected her to behave in such a way after the encounter with Asami in the washroom. I can readily believe that Asami and Kenji could hook up that quickly. Since they have both known Yamato during their middle school days, Asami probably has some idea about what sort of character that Kenji is. I really enjoy the seiyuu work as well. The animation quality is a notable flaw though. Shoujo anime tend to have low budgets, and this series is no exception.
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