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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
That is also a worthwhile talking point: Why would grittier, darker, more violent shows be necessarily more adult and more "mainstream" in the US? To me, the fascination with boobs and explosions is more juvenile than mature.

Anime for adults, shows like Usagi Drop, Planetes and Hataraki Man, deal with a variety of mature topics of interest to a broad range of people. None of them require boobs and bombs to elicit interest. So, why this assumption that Americans will go for nothing but blood, gore and grit? Does that accurately reflect the viewing interests of Americans in this forum? If it doesn't, what makes you so different from other Americans?
It's called culture. America loves its action and the "hero gets the girl" trope. As far as the fascination with "boobs" and such, I'm not sure if that really fits well. Sure, sex kind of sells, but in those popular shows that I mentioned it's more of a presence than a focus, if it even is.

We like other stuff too, but the mainstream audiences tend to favor that genre.
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