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Originally Posted by speedyexpress48 View Post
Well, lets ask ourselves this question; when has foreign media ever became mainstream here in America?

British music...uhhh...maybe. That's from a culture that is very similar to ours. And...that's about it.

I guess Naruto or Dragonball Z is the closest thing we have to mainstream anime, even if most people don't watch it...they at least have heard of it. Ghibli films can be accepted by the mainstream if the mainstream knew what the heck they were. GITS and Cowboy Bebop are about as mainstream as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and almost everything else on Adult Swim; it's still niche, and it will most likely remain niche.

And let's not get started on stuff that is "mainstream in otakuland", stuff like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha...oh whatever, why not throw in Queen's Blade as well, after all QB merch is everywhere at cons...don't get me wrong, I love those shows and for good reason (except QB which I watch for moronic fanservice), but...come on. You're really gonna tell me that those shows would be accepted by the mainstream? I have a bridge to sell you.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica could certainly fare well in the West.

Heck, it's based on Faust, the major source of the "deal with the devil" storyline in Western culture. (One of the most amusing things about watching Madoka as it happened was the difference in reactions of the Japanese and the American audiences. The Japanese kept trying to figure out how the Americans were correctly predicting all the plot twists).

Plus, Magical Girls shows are also western in origin. No really- specifically Bewitched, which the Japanese cite as the inspiration for Magical Girl shows. Think also of She-Ra, the popularity of Sailor Moon, and more adult versions such as Xena the Warrior Princess.

Are there several anime/otaku only references in Madoka? Of course, but they don't preclude Western mainstream fans any more than the geek insider elements of Star Trek prevent an appeal to a wider audience.

Marketed right, a slightly edited Madoka could probably appeal to a large segment of Christians in the United States. Punch up the Christian elements (especially with Kyoko), make QB a symbolic devil, and you have the perfect show to appeal to an audience that is regularly marginalized by normal Hollywood fare, but has also repeatedly shown it's ability to drive a show to blockbuster status. It doesn't even require any significant changes to the plot.

Granted, the other shows you mention probably could not be mainstreamed.

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