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Never skiied or snowed before last year... Ended up moving near the Poconos (US east coast mountains in Pennsylvania) for 8 months or so (cheap rent) and the snow season fell in the middle of those months. Bought myself a mountain season pass and a snowboard and never looked back. well actually.. i was looking back up the hill several times after a pretty bad fall to see where all my equipment fell off me (gloves, scully, ski googles, boots, snowboard.. u know)...

first day of snowboarding was hell. my friend and i were newbies and we thought we could figure out how to do it without help. i mean cmon... u stand on a board and u slide down.. how hard can it be!? my friend was a good skier and he thought he and i could figure it out.. it was one of the most painful 3 hrs of my life. i fell in every which way possible... i even did a 720 flip crash and spun a good 15 yards down the hill one time. as i was lying on the ground trying to recover, this really nice elderly couple snowboarded their way towards me to check up on me and make sure i was okay. then they suggested i take a lesson or two before i continue because they witnessed my fall and thought i needed it. my friend was also fed up w/ falling on his bum so many times so after a quick break for lunch, we promptly signed up for snowboarding lesson... and the first thing they taught us was... how to fall properly...

after several trips, i am an okay snowboarder... i still fall but only because i am trying out new stuff. and it's not as painful as that first day (thank god). anyway... yeah, snowboarding is mad fun and u should try it!!! but uhhh... don't be cheap and take a lesson or two first. u won't regret it.
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