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Well butter my biscuit, this was incredibly enjoyable.

I like the cutesy, round artystyle, and the characters look colorful and brimming with life. Nobunaga was a riot, so many fun little moment with her throughout the episode. That's probably my only complaint, I wish this wasn't a compilation thing with different leads, I want me some more of that Nobunaga pronto. She's awfully sexy too, to go along with that great personality. (Speaking of sexy, that dark-skinned incarnation of Date Masamune in the credits.. just gorgeous.)

This is sort of a reverse Sengoku Otome, with them coming to our time-period instead of the other way around. Looking forward to seeing if the next episode can match the enjoyment this one provided. I doubt it, given my instant infatuation with Nobunaga, but if it's half as good, that'll still be fine in my book.
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