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I'm not quite sure how to feel about this one yet. I found Ieyasu to be quite charming and innocent, and I have a typical attraction to characters of adorable or cute nature if pulled off right and not done in a manner where it's 'pointless moe', but rather, 'moe with a purpose'.

I'll watch the next episode, but I don't have my hopes up. I came expecting a twist on the usual and well overdone Sengoku-era premise, and got a reverse Sengoku Otome as mentioned earlier. Sengoku Otome had nice art, a decent soundtrack, a pretty nice opening single, but it still lacked a special kind of pizazz. It was charming, but it wasn't 'on fire' in my books. This series seems like it'll be equally as charming and worth a nice mindless watch, but whether or not I can stomach the pacing (because they just kind of ended the introduction of a character [well, her apparent main purpose] as soon as she arrived) is up to debate.

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