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emotO ukogneS 02 - THE IEY@SU

So we have an anthology on our hands. Been a while since I've seen one. For the most part, episode 2 seemed to play out like a highly condensed version of The iDOLM@STER. The entire series. It's a story that's been seen many times before, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. That means the storyline's been streamlined to an art form. If anything, I'm more surprised that it happened with Ieyasu.

Now for my Sengoku Otome comparison. Hanazawa's Ieyasu is pretty much the polar opposite from Akesaka's Ieyasu. Akesaka's was the final villain of the series, and her cute side was only a facade. Hanazawa's Ieyasu was all cute. But then again, she's not in a warzone, and a person is defined by their environment as much as anything.

Those final few moments with the miko trio and Nobunaga stealing Ieyasu's... er... soul orb were kinda trippy, but did show there's something of a plot going on here. The show's keeping up its streak of being nicely entertaining.
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