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Originally Posted by wissenschaft View Post
I think people are making an assumtion that since the story is in a dystopian setting, the story will follow the typical format of a dystopia and have some warnings about society. That doesn't seem the case with this show. Its almost entirely focused on the characters.
It's not that a dystopian story HAS to follow that pattern. But rules in writing usually exist for a reason: that they work. Of course it's possible to write something that breaks them and still works, but it's more complicated, because it means walking into uncharted territory.

There's no reason why a dystopian tale can't be character driven, but if anything, being character driven is an excellent reason for why Franxx should have avoided making the story even more pointlessly complicated. If you need to focus on the characters you have less time for these kind of plot twists, for foreshadowing and proper development.

Add to that that really, Franxx doesn't even have such good characters, or character focused writing, anyway, and it's unclear what the point is. Besides a few isolated good episodes (like 13 and 15) a lot of this show seems either pointless meandering around or the writers throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the viewer to make it look like it's an exciting story.
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