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We were arranging for a revolution. The story was already racing down a highway to that and then it abruptly swerved off the road to aliens. There's the whining, you can't pull that out of nowhere at episode 20 in a 24-25 episode series. If they were going to do that, it should've been sooner. It'd be a miracle if it doesn't go off the cliff perched far ahead unless they swerve it back.
that is the problem it not was "out of nowhere, you have the hints about APE not being human them if they are not humans, they could be "anything", from others klaxs, to robots to allien, if they bring a so advanced tech to mankind and did all what they did it showed which they where really special or different, it's just which looks "so hard" to accept it.

The hints where there, from early episodes, it not was "out of nowhere, that is my point.
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