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Originally Posted by Sushi-Y View Post
lol, I got a mail from Kyon.

Everyone who applied to be a SOS-dan member at the official site (eons ago) got the first issue of "SOS-dan mail magazine" in their inbox today. Apparently Haruhi suddenly gave Kyon the order to write it up, at a time where everybody else has already forgot long ago that such a system even existed in the first place. Even the computer club was dragged into distributing the mail. That's Haruhi-quality for you.

The contents are no different than a regular newsletter, but written in Kyon's words. Kyon's comment about all the anime magazines with Haruhi on the cover made me laugh ("If they keep putting her up on covers here and there, Haruhi might get cocky and say something like "Next I'll go up on TIME magazine!", it's scary")

And the PC club's secret message at the end about a revenge at the end of the year sounds very interesting.

You gotta hand it to the production team, even their spam mail is fun to read.
I hear the PC club had placed a secret link inside the website for anyone interested in their "revenge".

Also, in the membership application page, there is now a new option for you to "Cancel Membership", AKA "Receive the Death Penalty".
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