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I used to play Guild Wars and stopped and seeing how they balance and update the skills effect and duration. I got back in once again.

Monthly payment plays a role in which to why I play this game but that isnt really the main reason why I went back in. Guild Wars is a game that requires skills *PERIOD*. You combine skills and play it in a way that it is very effective in certain situations. Different combinations of skills can overcome the other. Forget the level capping and equipment for abit. Think of why Guild Wars give us so many skills to fiddle around with. It is to make use of them in a way where it suits our playing style.

I quitted play diablo 2 like 1 year ago. Spamming skills, getting godly equipment and owning the hell out of everyone is not really my thing anymore. I want to play competitively. I want to play in an environment where I can find challengers and challenges everytime. It forces you to keep getting smarter in combining skills.

Why competitive is good? why, if someone beats the crap out of you, you would want to beat the crap out of him next time you see him. Same theory applies in Guild Wars. If a Guild beats another Guild, they will have an on-going war.

Finally, Guild Wars is all about teamwork NOT solo. I really like cooperating and figure things out with players online on how to overcome the TOP 2 Elite missions in Guild Wars: Factions. Those missions takes time and patience....but hey if you overcome it, great stuff are there waiting for ya.

But this is just my type of playing style. If you're one of those people who likes to own and dont want to get owned....than this game is not really for you.

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