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On the question about aqua, he attacks Touma because he believe Touma's right hand would become the catalyst that ignites th war between magic and occult side. And once Aqua is determined on his goal, he'll do anything to achieve it. Thoguh, Fianma is the one on his black list now, as he now deem Fianma's action of collect angelic power is the real problem.

To clear up on Right Seats of God. It supposedly is a group that handles dirty work for the Catholic. But they eventually become too powerful and become the actual ones in charge.
And the members of the groups are there for their own individual reasons. Vent is there because she hates science, Aqua is there because he can have some authority that better facailiates his justice, and Fianma is just obessed over his Holy Right.

And on the translation issue. When Fianma is reffering to the power of the right, he is reffering to powers he believe are the power of Michael (as he is the angel on the right side of god).
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