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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Still no link of what so ever. Knowing the names of 3 minor harem of touma is still no good.
I wish someone post a picture of them or link so I can know who are they.
...fuko da...

Anieze Sanctis

Ursula Aquinas

Sister Lucia(Is really she a nun?) & Sister Angeline

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
with to many flag triggered and all. I can only see a harem ending but that's not happening.
I mean everyone is strong specially the main one with the exception of the biting nun. But if that biting nun can use magic well she will become demon lord or god for all I car. Even a saint class . katana user, mature body of some amakusa religion wouldn't stand a chance and the lightning queen too. But that's not happening she is just someone who use CRUNCH attack on touma. The problem of the other known harem is the priestess doesn't really make obvious move. While the tengeki hime is soooooooo obvious its so KAWAI while supporting her. I feel pity for the man. I mean every once in a while or rather lightning always comes down from the heaven. If its me I will pick her imouto. its much more fun for me And lastly most noticeable and lastly added on his harem which is also my favorite. She is good in cooking, knows how to pilot helicopter and ride a motorbike. She has a well endowed body. A model type and most of all she doesn't do physical damage to the person in question. So if its me I will pick the last one but still need to be careful she has 2 personalities while the other is angelic the other is demonic. Be sure to watch out.

And the others really doesn't make move or rather I call them minor harem part. Though they are still included in the harem. They aren't making much progress.

So to sum it all up a harem ending means the death of the main character while even if it will not be a harem ending it will still end up with the death of the main character...

Really its sooooooooo hard to decide a route as for the end.


And the goddess will stand defeat in front of a kamijou. Can't resist the manly charm.
So the goddess is Itsuwa Yay---!!!

I support her character too They are looking like a family, aren't they?

btw, Touma=/= Makoto, get it?

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