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Thanks for the picture.

So those are the other girls in touma's harem. And how did touma trigger the flag?
I could say he saves their lives but in what way did the knight with no armor only a fist brawler saves the day?

It helps a lot but still ITSUWA ALL THE WAY! BABZAI

So like father like son.

The father only loves one girl his wife while the son doesn't like anyone in particular but in same way both the father and son attracts other girls.

I just realize the
btw, Touma=/= Makoto, get it?
This part after rereading it and touma isn't in a bit like makoto.
makoto si BuLl**** His worst. And you just reminded me of a certain game and anime that I like and the same time I dislike............................sulks in the corner.

Its a good thing their is summer days..... which I like setsu so its fine.
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