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I thought I'd leave you with this wonderful story on Superbowl Sunday.

So my family always has a big party on Superbowl Sunday as there are a number of football enthusiasts. However, while many of us are here at my parents' home for the day, my grandmother cannot make it, so my mother decided to give her a call. During the conversation she asked for whom my grandmother was cheering, and she replied that since she was born in Indiana, she'd be cheering for the Colts. Logical enough, right?

But then she asks my mother who she'll be supporting, and my mother says "Yeah, I think I'm gonna back Peyton," in agreement. My grandmother responds:

"Well, like I said I'm for the Colts because I'm from Indiana, but I sure like those Peytons, too!"

Man, she tried. She tried so hard. Only to fail.
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