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Originally Posted by tigerfan93 View Post
actually i found a guy that did translate the novel(s). It has no pictures from it so you'll have to look for those but the text is there and translated quite nicely.

Here's the site:
Ok i read them ahaha. For one i relly thought kurz's return wasnt very.... Flashy? it was so like sudden i was hoping for a build up i hope the manga does it better.

Reading these made me really dislike kaname she gives up so easily its not funny tessa is way more head strong.

and iv gotta sy the best line in the whole novel.

Then they saw a lone truck driving away from the scene of the explosion, to the east, then passing the
base perimeter, and heading right towards them at full speed.
- Hey, wait a...
The truck passed them at full speed, and as the light fell for an instant on the vehicle, they saw that in the
driver's seat was none other than Sousuke Sagara.
- Sousuke..?!
Fifty meters on the truck screeched to a halt, then changed gear, reversed and stopped near them.
- What are you doing here?
That familiar, sullen face, the same mouth with its edges always turned down.

hahahaha i pissed myself laughing dude really cool way to reintroduce him for once it wasnt ll dramatic and mooshy it was just straight up slap stick funny kinda.

Also the ending was kind of nice. Reading all these was a huge weight off my chest lol
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