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Thumbs down Episode 7

This was the first episode of the anime adaptation that really disappointed me.
It was mostly anime original material that should fit better as a DVD/BD extra IMHO.

The first problem is that this episode disrupted the flow of the narration. We left episode 6 with that ominous shot of Rea licking Chihiro's blood but nothing came out of it. Not to mention that Rea's father has been absent from the show for 3 whole episodes now.

My second criticism is that episode 7 was so full of cliche it was painful. How many times must I watch a little girl falling in love with a boy because he protected her from a rabid dog before it gets old? Children of age 5-6 aren't even interested in the opposite gender yet. And to think that she'll keep loving Chihiro in secret for 10 years is beyond ridiculous.

The appearance of Chihiro's annoying pervert friend didn't help either. The only part of the episode I would salvage is the scene where Ranko tried to force a kiss on Chihiro and he looked distressed. It was that bad.
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