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What, when they argued about which movie to rent? Notice that Chihiro didn't ask for her opinion, period. He just took the zombie movie to the counter. Notice, also, that nowadays she borrows zombie movies from him. If anything, the contagion went the other way. And that's not even taking into account the propriety of having a little girl watch a zombie movie.
Why she would bother to hang out with him then? She could've left if she wanted. No one forced her, I can hardly believe there was no one aside from zombie freak to be friends with. She acts like she was the only one human being on Earth. Or she's just a sadist who enjoys messing up people's lives and bossing people around. As much as I hate this kind of people I could at least understand. She likes to hurt so she enjoys him being unhappy and uncomfortable. I don't really understand how she can call it love when all she's been doing is being one big pain for him. Is that how you should act around person you think you love? Making their life uncomfrotable and unhappy? Her cheering herself up by shouting that she won't give up made me smile. I mean, she already lost which is the only thing that keeps me from dropping this show as I hate such girls and can't stand them
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