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But it isn't supposed to be 22 layers or less. If it were, I'm sure my userbars would turn out very minimalist.

First 47: 22 animated layers, 22 clipping masks on these, 3 background layers.
Last 16: 1 eclipse layer, 4 character reference layers (unchecked), 1 scan lines (unchecked) layer, 1 text reference layer (unchecked), 1 logo reference layer, 2 character layers (1 is unchecked), 1 border layer, and the remaining 5 are unchecked misc. layers that don't show up in the final piece. They're the main part of the template, basically.
please tell me if the gif split and shrunken into lower quality and size because of my lousy isp. the userbar should be in 14kb.
back to my point, here, i rushed one user bar to proof what i'm saying", i only used 11 layers for the characters. just lazy to make it 18",



check carefully the psd file and see the big difference between our layering! my layering on this one is just simple. also, there are rows that contains upward movement",

Ah, liquify; I don't like using that filter because of how time taking it can be to get a good result.
and only good for highres images.
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