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I also think the series might be trying to keep the time the story takes place ambiguous, seeing as how on Satoshi's cell phone, the year was obscured by a convenient flare of light. I guess 2001 would be the most logical assumption given that that's when the novels were written, but there's some details that don't quite match up with the story-takes-place-in-2001 timeline (Such as the fact that anyone and everyone has a cell phone, they were certainly gaining steam in 2001 but I don't remember them being quite that ubiquitous)... I'll probably just think of the story as taking place in the present day and of this episode covering New Year's Day 2013, because I prefer the 2010s to the 2000s (2007-2009 was good, otherwise don't care much for the decade).
Your theory that it's on 2013 is most likely correct. The anime added 12 years to the original dates used in the novel during the Hyouka arc (written in 2000 I believe), so it's probable this would be January 2013 in the show.

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