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Got to keep this short, since I'm near to being late, but from what I've read here, Enju doesn't even exist in the Manga storyline. I wouldn't think Peach-Pit would wish to deviate that much in the anime and have the roles swapped. As of sadism, at least in the drama CDs, Enju is the masochist type with bara playing the domina
Though, the way they've so far portrayed Rozen in the brief moments we've seen him handle the dolls, he'd have to be totally insane or have multiple personalities in order to be both - as gentle and loving as the dolls feel he is - and a sick bastard with only the outcome in mind. I believe Shinku who told us about what she had felt when near Rozen AND Enju who told us about what kind of feelings it takes to be a doll maker in general, let alone a maestro with the ability to make living dolls. "Without love you can't make dolls"

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