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Originally Posted by Lost View Post
^ You mean the one where he was yelling at Rozen?
Hmm the yelling was a good point, but generally the whole stance, as Jun doesn't question their love for Rozen, just the whole Alice game concept and how its wrong. Personally I think Jun is amazed and confused by Rozen, as I'm I!

*Edit* Just watched that scene again and yup the shouting sums it all up nicely
*Edit again* I would like that to be changed to amazed by Rozen's work....

After watching the ending I've just had another what if! Its from the line where Shinku says that Rozen wants her to solve the problem (which I am guessing is referring to Hina (sniffle) and Sou not coming back to life)...

What if Rozen was betrayed by Enju and what Rozen wants is for someone who can carry on his work. In the old days artisans would only pass their secrets onto their children. ofc this does not fit into the description of Alice so its a pretty weak what if....

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