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Originally Posted by Kageitenshi View Post
Still totally and utterly fail to understand this statement...
basically to put it in a nutshell shinku's personality has changed from being stuck up to considerate after the time spent with jun...and seening that new side to her i am able to forgive her actions towards gina sama (ofc she apologized first cause it was her fault in the first place *no flaming me now T_T*) so in turn rozen is now the scape goat for being an idiot...hhe just hasnt shown any love towards the rozen maiden's if he truly wants them to kill each other inorder for him to gain alice...(truth is...he just wants a girlfriend )
Originally Posted by grey_moon View Post
Also another problem with trying to decipher Rozen's actions (or lack of) is that we are never given enough information to make a good call. Funny thing is normally I get frustrated by it, but with RM it's nicely balanced with tit bits (rumors) from the maidens (as I am never too sure if that is reality they are talking about, or just something they truly believe). My stance on Rozen is the same as Jun's...
funny about those rumors...for those who have seen kyoshiro he reminds me of kazuya...

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