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^ scape goat as he still hasnt shown real evidence of how he is really like ~ fine we are give thoughts from all the RM dolls that rozen is like some god in heaven...but has anyone actually thought that this can be quite the opposite? from what i can tell (which isnt a lot) rozen only wants a perfect being which is alice ~ in order to obtain this he wants his dolls to kill each other in order to obtain each others roza mysticals...but is this the only way? since he was the one who gave out the roza mysticals why didnt he just save himself the trouble and merge them together himself? does he take pleasure to see his dolls kill each other? we have no way to tell what rozen's true objectives are...he could might as well be satan playing with emotion and feelings...(yet again i say that he could be like kazuya from kyoshiro to towa no sora ~ someone who is totally misunderstood)

and that girlfriend crack...its a joke but at times it seems so real...rozen is a pervert!!!

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