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Exclamation [PC] Guild Wars 2 & GW:EotN

"With the thought process on designing campaign 4 it suddenly became Guild Wars 2. Which will be more of an MMO. Not just any MMO however, an MMO that will highly require YOU as a players involvement. Your choices will highly effect the world and environment that surround you..."

This is more or less what ANet has said in one of their paragraphs in the May 2007 issue of PC Gamer. Every Guild Wars fan should pick this up by the way. I was blown away!

Guild Wars the campaigns have come to an end. Guild Wars: Eye of the North (code name GWEN* to all the players that know what this means*), which will be a REAL expansion meaning that you do need one of the other games to play this, will be the conclusion for Guild Wars 1 and will give you the introduction to GW2.

While the idea and sudden event that GW 1 is ending saddens me greatly, the outcome of Guild Wars 2 sounds very promising however. More classes to choose from (including the Charr!), massive PvP battles that can last for hours, even WEEKS at a time, and environments that depend on you. What do I mean by this? Well for instance, say if you walk outside of a house and you see a dragon fly you ignore it or attack? Everyone in the area can choose to ignore it. So the dragon is ignored and it swoops down and causes a bridge to collapse. A group of workers then is off guard and begins to collect wood to rebuild a bridge, and a bunch of thieves come and attack those workers. People in the area will be asked again to help. You will be rewarded for your deeds. Think of it as quests, but they are open and effect an area. They are calling these chain-events. A 100+( or no level) cap. While, you cannot transfer your GW1 characters to GW2 since it takes place hundreds of years in the future. However, gain titles in GW 1 and get your name on the hall of monuments at the end of GW:EN and your GW2 character will get special items from your GW1 characters including mini pets, weapons, and more. Lastly, it will still be FREE!

Even though they are finishing off GW1 they will continue to update it and give the players plenty of weekend events and surprises. So, how do the AS Guild Wars fans feel about this?

Expected release dates

Guild Wars:Eyes of the North- Holiday season 2007.

Guild Wars 2 in 2009-2010

I personally feel psyched and you can bet Ill be playing Beta which comes out in 2008!
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