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Originally Posted by Mueti
Level cap 100+, PvP battles for hours, more classes and races... For me that just means that the concept that made GW original will be destroyed and replaced by a standard MMORPG one. Competitive PvP will be impossible with 100+lvls and even more classes and skills (balance anyone?).
GW2 is not going to have MORE classes just NEW races that are playable. In GW:EN you will get to SEE the new races and NOT play them. To answer your level cap complaint read this this quote.

Originally Posted by Official Guild Wars Wiki
The level cap of 20 will be raised, possibly 100 or even infinite. The exact implementation has not been finalized, and possibilities include: (1) that each level will take approximately one fifth of the time it takes to go up a Guild Wars 1 level, (2) higher levels do not affect health/attribute points, and only give an extra skill point each (meaning the difference is purely cosmetic), or (3) if development curve does continue, the power curve will be flattened, with diminishing returns for higher levels (as stated in a recent interview). Either way, ANet seems intent to stay close to its philosophy of keeping players on a levelled playing field (or approximately so).
This means NO grinding!

Originally Posted by Anime Online
"sell standalone releases every 6 months and free online play"? If so, I guess the marketing model isn't working too well for them.
To answer this statement please read this from the PC Gamer for the month of May.

Originally Posted by Eric Flannum
With each new campaign we've been trying to introduce brand-new mechanics that change how the game plays. That's led to the need for larger and larger tutorials to explain the new mechanics, and it's made each campaign's beginning experience much more bloated
Also there will be NO monthly fee for both GW:EN and GW2.

Originally Posted by Gaile Grey
No monthly fees.
I have to say it.
Tell your friends.
Inform your neigbors.
Put your guild on alert.

Another thing is if releasing every 6 months wasn't working as a marketing model then tell me why the next titles being released are 1 year (GW:EN) and 2 years away (GW2).

Sources: - Official Guild Wars Wiki - Gaile Grey
May Issue of PC Gamer - Eric Flannum

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