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That statement refers specifically to the leveling that will be present in GW2. Before quoting me like this I would appreciate it that you don't take my words out of context.

It was in no way related to farming for greens or capping a rare pet in the UW. Also if you wish to own weapons with certain stats it is very easy to just collect common drops to trade with a collector for weapons with the same stats as a green. You can also cap common pets which will in no significantly horrible way put you at a disadvantage to someone who capped a black widow.

The free treasure chests that are in nightfall also guarantee you a gold weapon or a rare crafting material like a ruby, sapphire, or diamond. In addition you get 1-2k. Although that may not last long there are several chests throughout all of elona that all drop the same things. In addition to this they replenish every 30 days so you do have a source of quick money.

I will agree that even with these chests you do have to farm a little for gold, which can feel like grinding, but again the need for a high amount of gold soley rests with the skins you wish to have as armor and as weapons. There are armors that are worth 1-1.5k a piece with about half the requirements in total crafting materials. These cheaper armors have the exact same stats as an armor that would cost you 2.2 million gold in the end.
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