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I'm feeling as unexcited as I have been feeling for a couple of years now. If there isn't any bloody, violent, gritty and serious seinen, I always feel somewhat disappointed. First part of Fate/Zero bored me somewhat; I probably will marathon it at some point.

That being said, Zetman might have promise as a series I will actually watch. Given what I have heard about the manga, and the current hysterical and puritan moral atmosphere in Japan, I'm skeptical as to how much they will actually show us.

Xebec doing a show about antropomorphized assault rifles? Where do I sign up? I like how Xebec does ecchi, so if there is going to be any of that I'm staying with the show, probably.

Sakamichi no Apollon could be interesting, depending on how much 1960s music will be involved.
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