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Damn, I was just skimming over the list and got a bit more than I can chew out of it.

Let's see:

Most definitely watch:
  • Fate/Zero part 2 - I thoroughly enjoyed the first half and have been waiting anxiously for this one
  • Hyouka - I haven't found a show by KyoAni that hasn't at least entertained me so I'll be checking this one out even if it's just for the art "porn" (although to be fair I haven't seen Munto yet)

Really want them to be good:
  • Medaka Box - I really really want this one to be good since I'm a sucker for Nisio and enjoyed what I read from the manga (yes, even the weaker first bit) but Gainax just doesn't make me as excited as it did some years back.
  • Eureka Seven AO - I'm really not feeling it for this one after all that I've heard about it and I'll have to admit to not being the biggest of fans of the original (I did enjoy it quite a bit however).
  • Sakamichi no Apollon - Shinichirou Watanabe and Youko Kanno? Yes please!

Going in without any expectation:
  • ZETMAN - I'm digging the synopsis and the art so I'll check this one out
  • Jormungand - Again the synopsis made me curious and being by White Fox made me doubly so.
  • Ozuma - Sounds and looks like it'll be old school SciFi and that's something that usually pikes my interest and usually backfires on me. However it's short enough that I'll probably watch it till the end.

Again I think I'll be overwhelmed with shows again this season since I still have Moretsu Pirates, Gundam AGE and the Gundam Seed Remaster on my list. And that's not counting Naruto, Fairy Tail and Hunter X Hunter. Luckily Bleach will be gone soon... Not that I'll miss it much.
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