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Good ideas. I'm not sure how much emphasis on Homura there should be though. The way the anime worked, each character was given some room to shine, so I'm hoping that is the case in the movies. I'm sure some might not mind the stories basically being "Homura Magica" but personally I'm hoping to see something a little different.
Well, unlike TV series, movies work best when the focus on the characters is more narrow, but screen-time and POV are not the same thing anyway. All in all, I'm sure they could make all the characters shine while keeping the POV on Homura all the same.

For the last movie though, if it's really a sequel, I definitely would like more emphasis on Homura (since Madoka is "no more"). There's no need to be deep in that point IMO. Just some awesome fighting would do.

But yeah, let's wait and see.
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