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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Well well, it seems my speculah is becoming true.

So, it could be like this:

movie 1-----> episode 10 extended + drama CD (1 and 3)

movie 2-----> series recap (- episode 10)

movie 3-----> sequel, badass Homura kicking serious amount of Maju ass.

Make it happen SHAFT, make it happen!!!
That's exactly what I'm thinking too. I think Movie 1 would turn out to be great. Expand on Madoka and Homura's relationship we didn't see in TL1 and more, and animate Kyouko's and Mami's backstory.

The last two movies I'm a bit hesitant. A recap of the whole TV series, minus episode 10, it could go either way. And a brand new sequel movie could be extremely awesome or very disappointing.
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